We are all in the weeds, and the sun is setting fast on this world.

Saving Christianity

Only God can save Christianity, but Jesus has given us the Counselor who has revealed New Science to help us better understand His message and intentions.

Christianity is a mess.   Everyone knows it, but few want to talk about it.   There are about 41,000 different Christian denominations.   That says it all.   Most of us have different belief systems, and what are those belief systems based upon?   They are based on a montage of teachings from pastors, authors, parents, relatives and friends and how they have interpreted the Bible - certainly not on the science of God's creation.   Logically, there should only be one belief system, reflecting entirely on what Jesus said and did.

There is another factor behind the cause of the mess, which is the thousands of years since Jesus walked among us.   Given that amount of time, many leaders of the Christian church have changed Christianity so much that it would not be recognized by the apostles who walked and talked with Jesus.   Also, we cannot ignore that science has advanced exponentially since Genesis was written and since Jesus said some of the things which have been difficult to fully understand.   Perhaps now we can.   (an excerpt from the booklet, "Saving Christianity")

Examples of the confusion:
1) Jesus had to become human while remaining God, to save humankind (which He created) from annihilation.   Some Christians don't believe Jesus was actually human but only God appearing as a human.   Many believe Jesus, as a baby, knew He was God from the beginning of His human life (ignoring Philippians 2:7 and Luke 2:52).
2) Jesus was born of a godly woman, Mary.   Jesus certainly looks upon Mary as his mother, but Catholics call her the Co-Redemptrix while Protestants often ignore Jesus' mother altogether.
3) Jesus, knowing He was both God and human, created a means to be with each individual human at certain times, as the Holy Spirit is at all times.   The Eucharist is kept in a tabernacle and venerated by Catholics (certainly not what Jesus had in mind), while most protestants consider the bread of communion just a symbol.
4) The Bible says "May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ," but the Catholic catechism says "Man, though made of body and soul, is a unity."   No mention of the spirit.   Other Christians believe humans are triune beings, body, spirit and soul, but they have no clear definition for the spirit or the soul (in other words, they don't understand either).
5) And what happens when humans die?   You would think all Christians could agree on that.   When one pastor was asked that question he answered, "Well, your soul goes to heaven and you pass away," and we all have often heard, "May the souls of the departed rest in peace."   That's meaningless Christian jargon.
6) Some churches only allow men to serve on their Church Councils, citing 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:6.   Those verses applied to the culture of the times, certainly not to today's.   Other churches welcome women in all management positions within their churches (smart) including women as pastors.
7) Some Christians believe that miracles ceased with the passage of the apostles, ignoring (or dancing around) Christ's words in John 14:12-14.   Missionaries, especially those serving in African nations will tell you that miracles are a common occurrence among new Christians.

New Science

Scientists are finally discovering what Christians have known all along.   There is a spiritual realm.   How is this happening?   Scientists are experiencing death, due to one cause or another, and are being resuscitated with procedures not possible 10 years ago.   While they were medically dead, many have had spiritual experiences which changed their lives.   After the experience, they believe in life-after-death and they say so.

What is it they experience?   They leave their physical body on the operating table; they find themselves fully conscious; they can see and hear what is going on in the operating room (and can describe it accurately later); they pass through the walls of the room and may see relatives in the hallway waiting to hear from the doctor; they travel rapidly to where they may be greeted by the Lord Jesus or others in the spiritual realm; and they return to their physical bodies through resuscitation.   Afterwards, they all seem to be anxious to tell others what they have experienced.

The New Science
How are the experiences these scientists had possible?   We now know there are three states of existence, the Temporal State, in which you and I are limited by time and the sequence of events, the Sequential State (the spiritual realm which the scientists were experiencing), limited only by sequence, not by time, and the Concurrent State in which God is not limited by time nor sequence.  God has no limitations.

You have a physical body, in the Temporal State, and you have a spiritual body (which the scientists mentioned above found out during their experiences) in the Sequential State.   Your spiritual body, which is eternal, occupies the same space and moves with your physical body.   Animating both your physical body and your spiritual body is your soul, also in the Sequential State.   Your soul stores all of your memory, controls all of your cells, and participates in your consciousness.   You are at once a physical body and a spiritual body with a soul.   That's who you are.

What does it matter?

Well, for one, you now know you won't actually die.   Others may look upon your physical body as having died, but you will be fully conscious, feel well, calm, young (your Spirit body does not age past maturity) and you will have the wonderful opportunity of meeting the Lord Jesus.   Does that part concern you?   Jesus died in atonement for your sins ("Redemption").   Your sins will not keep you from eternal life in God's kingdom.   They will not keep you from seeing your loved ones again.   What will?

Jesus wants your love in return for His amazing love for You.   You cannot love someone who you do not believe exists.   You cannot love someone who you do not know and trust.   You must know, love and trust Jesus with your eternal life.   You must believe in Jesus.   Okay, what else?

Jesus gave us a new commandment while He was here on earth.   Love one another.   "As I have loved you, so you also should love one another." John 13:34   Love those around you as you love yourself.   Share what you have with others.   Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, take in the stranger, cloth the naked, take care of the sick and visit the imprisoned as each opportunity presents itself.   Matthew 25:31-46   Then, look forward to an eternal life in His kingdom ("Salvation").   It's all about love, as many of the scientists mentioned above will tell you after their death experience.

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Saving Christianity is published in two parts.   Part 1 suggests a means to pull together the many Christian denominations presently at odds over doctrine, and it is focused on the most controversial concept created by Jesus to be with His children always.   Part 2 explains the New Science in scientific terms for those with that kind of mind.

New Science, New Faith, Same Gospel

This book introduced and discusses the New Science. It tells how the New Science has strengthened my faith and shows how the New Science is in line with the Gospel of Jesus.

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